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Boingo Wireless Reviews

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  • Did not authorize

    Hi- I am writing you because I just noticed a charge on my account for $17.90 for unlimited wifi every month. I called one of your reps and they told me that I was at LaGuardia airport in Nov 2010 and authorized a monthly charge. This is inaccurate and If you do not reimburse me the full amount ASAP I will report you to the BBB and the FTC. There is over $900 that I have been charged since Jan 2011. Check and see how many times I logged on to my account or tried to use your service- you will see very little or even zero. Best Regards, Greg More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Boingo rippoff

    I purchased a "pay as you go" 24h plan from Boingo and since I am always very suspicious about these services, I made sure that I read carefully the terms and conditions. In this plan, nowhere it was ever mentioned that 24h start at time of login (as I have seen in other companies plans) and to make sure, I even did call their costumer service. A very friendly woman assured me that the 24h were cumulative as long as I was on same device and logging in from same place (which I was). This seemed fair to me since it is a similar plan to a pay as you go phone. Therefore, used the... More...
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  • Erroneous Charge

    THIS IS THE MESSAGE I RECEIVED FROM BOINGO. I SEE THIS HAS HAPPENED TO A NUMBER OF PEOPLE POSTING ON MEASURED UP. BOINGO SHOUDL REFUND MY MONEY FOR THIS ERRONEOUS CHARGE. THIS IS THEIR FINAL RESPONSE TO ME. IT IS UNACCEPTABLE. I HAD NO IDEA I WAS CONNECTED!!! Apr 15 01:18 pm (PDT) Account Number: 3233816099 Plan Type: Boingo AsYouGo Dear Sandra, We are sorry to hear you wish to close your Boingo Wi-Fi account, the usage on your connection does not warrant a refund of the charges. You were connected for over 22 minutes, had your connection only been 5 minutes or less we... More...
  • stop billing

    This ticket has been resolved or replied to by this company. was stuck in an airport in Heathero Airport for 16 hours on 7 July so I purchased what Boingo called 24 hour access to the internet. I paid the GBP 3.95 then thought nothing else of it since what I was paying for was labeled as one day use. Now, three months later, I noticed a weird GBP 3.95 bill. I checked the month before and it also had the same bill. Turns out Boingo has been billing me GBP 3.95 per month since I purchased the 24 hour usage. I have NEVER used boingo besides the day at the airport. Therefore please stop the billing immediately and refund the money to my credit card. More...
    (Mobile Phones)
  • Boingo Scam

    I signed up at an airport for monthly service. "Cancel any time." So several weeks later I decided to cancel. I logged into my Boingo account and there was no way to cancel! No instructions on how to cancel. Lots of other options. So then it was time to google. Finally after trawling through everyones complaints about Boingo I found a number to sign up for Boingo. I was on hold for about 10 minutes and then disconnected. Then I got through and managed to cancel (hopefully) ... I'll have to check my credit card bill for surprizes.) What a waste of time. Avoid these scammers. More...
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    I was pissed too, they did the same thing to me and refused to refund the extra charges. I live in FL, but "Bogus" Boingo Wireless is based in South Santa Monica, California. I wrote the attorney general there and asked him to investigate Boingo business practices. I've also filed a complaint with the FL state attorney and the CA Better Business Bureau. That's not all, I am on a mission. I bought I am currently working on the website. Boingo needs to be exposed, they are conducting the same business practices that Blockbuster had attempted and looked... More...
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